ProsperitySM is a wealth plan that is customized to your specific needs and designed to keep your life savings safe and secure for the long term. Your capital is guaranteed to never lose value, regardless of market conditions. In 2008, the ProsperitySM plan realized profit despite turbulent economic times.

Business Equity Transfer
  • Secure - ProsperitySM protects your money from downside loss in the markets
  • Selective - ProsperitySM is a non-qualified plan, there is no requirement for broad implementation across the company
  • Cost-Effective - ProsperitySM maximizes the effect of every dollar placed into the plan
  • Tax Efficient - ProsperitySM defers taxation of gains until funds are withdrawn and offers the potential for preferential tax treatment upon retirement

Take your next steps with us.

ProsperitySM enhances your wealth by allowing you to begin your investment journey with increased capital from our trusted financial partners. Your investment starts earning a bigger return immediately, grows steadily over time, and becomes more independent as it reaches maturity.

One of the biggest benefits that we are proud to offer is the ability to provide a steady, secure investment plan that also serves to reduce your tax liability. ProsperitySM is a tax-efficient pathway for transferring your success in business into personal wealth in retirement.

Whether you are looking for alternative investments, catching up on your retirement, or are simply paying too much on your income tax, we can offer effective solutions to get you there. We invite you to take the first steps with us, to ProsperitySM and beyond.

  ProsperitySM Traditional Plans
Tax Advantages? Yes. With ProsperitySM there are multiple tax benefits for you and your business. No; tax benefits are generally limited.
Freedom From Contribution Limits? Yes. Because ProsperitySM is an alternative strategy that involves a transfer of your business success into personal wealth, you are not constrained by the limitations of traditional plans. No. Limitations and constraints are set by the IRS tax schedule.
Is Your Principal Protected From Loss? Yes. The ProsperitySM Plan has a fixed minimum earning potential, and will never fall below your set % rate. No. Typically, your money is tied to market fluctuations.
Uses Increased
Yes. This is the key factor that allows you to earn exponentially greater returns. No. Due to contribution limits, returns are based on limited capital.
Additional Protection Provided? Yes. There are 3 levels of protection with every plan. No. Levels of protection can vary and are not always guaranteed.
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