Corporate Plans

Bolster Your Retirement Plans Through Your Company

When planning for your retirement, have you considered the options available through your workplace?

Many businesses provide their top employees with benefit plans that can help pave the path to a comfortable retirement. Some examples include:

  • Deferred compensation – Company delays paying part of your annual salary or bonus until retirement, allowing you to avoid paying taxes on this money until you're in a lower income bracket.
  • Executive bonus – Company pays the premiums for your life insurance policy, permitting you to experience added financial protection.
  • Split-dollar – Company pays a percentage (usually half or more) of your life insurance policy premiums, giving you insurance coverage for a low cost.

Other similar types of plans are available, too. If your company offers these sorts of programs, it's wise to consider participating in them.

Of course, if you're in one of these corporate plans, it's important to include it when constructing a comprehensive retirement strategy. An experienced financial professional can develop a cohesive retirement plan that accounts for these workplace plans, and examines their advantages and implications.

Let Emerging Insurance Brokerage Services help design a retirement strategy for you that includes your corporate plans.

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