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Do you know that an estimated 40% of those aged 65 or over will enter into a nursing home at some point? And, that about 70% of those in this age range will need some type of long-term care?

Medicare provides only a limited amount of coverage for long-term care, and Medicaid only helps those with a low income. So, considering the ever-growing senior population, this means that millions of people need to find a way to pay for their nursing home stays or other long-term care services on their own. Of course, doing so can be extremely expensive, and a prolonged stay or ongoing care can decimate a nest egg.

Because of this, long-term care insurance is becoming a viable option for many, and it’s one way children can financially help their elderly parents.

The earlier versions of long-term care policies were quite costly and offered limited benefits. However, to meet the burgeoning demand for these products, the newer versions are more economical and provide better coverage.

Typically, these policies cover diagnostic, preventive, rehabilitation, maintenance, and other services given at facilities other than a hospital. Optional coverages can include home health, hospice, and adult day care.

Although long-term care policies are usually considered for the elderly or those with serious, chronic health conditions, they

can benefit those of any age or health status.

As you might imagine, there are many variations of long-term care policies in terms of coverage, exclusions, and other restrictions. But, these policies can be a sound way to deal with the financial threat of long-term care services – as well as provide peace of mind for both parents and their children.

Considering the complexity of these policies, it’s best to discuss them with a knowledgeable insurance professional who is experienced in this area.

Let Emerging Insurance Brokerage find the long-term care insurance protection that’s right for your parents – or yourself.

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