Financially Assist Those Who Need the Support

For better or worse, taxes are a part of life.

But, would you rather dictate where you tax money goes – or would you rather let the government decide?

Charitable giving allows you to at least partly determine how your tax contributions are spent, both while you’re alive and after your death. You can give directly to one or several charities you admire and wish to support financially – perhaps even to a charity that aided you or a family member during a time of need.

By giving to charity, you’ll also be helping yourself or your estate. Doing so reduces your tax liability, can protect your assets from creditors, and provide money to a family member with special needs.

And, of course, there’s the intangible benefits, too – such as the satisfaction you’ll receive from supporting those who need it the most.

Let Emerging Insurance Brokerage design a plan that maximizes the benefits of your charitable donations.

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