Executive Bonus Plan

Provide Your Key Employees with Financial Protection

Your business likely has several executives that are instrumental to its success. Why not demonstrate your appreciation of their efforts – and strengthen their loyalty to your company – by providing them with some security?

With an Executive Bonus Plan, your company pays the premiums on an employee’s life insurance policy. You can usually deduct the payments on your company’s income tax return. These plans are easy to establish, can be terminated whenever you choose, and allow you to select the employees you want to reward.

Meanwhile, the employee owns the policy, receives all the benefits of having a life insurance policy, and only has to pays an income tax on the premiums. And, since these plans are portable, the policy can stay with the employee even after departing your company.

Executive bonus plans are a cost-effective means of helping your company grow by retaining your best employees, while giving them some extra financial protection.

Example: Karen, your chief marketing officer, is a valuable employee who has contributed greatly to your company’s success. As a way to thank her for this – and an incentive to keep her with your company – with her permission you take out a life insurance policy for her. Your business pays the premiums, while Karen owns the policy, receives all the protection it provides, and only pays taxes on the premiums due.

Let Emerging Insurance Brokerage Services devise an Executive Bonus plan that’s right for your business.

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