Business Planning

Support your business with insightful financial planning.

Smart business planning considers strategies to both preserve and grow your company. Let Emerging Insurance Brokerage Services explain the latest, most effective options to strengthen and protect your business for years to come.

A comprehensive approach to business planning identifies ways to attract and retain important personnel through providing meaningful benefits – while controlling the costs. This can be accomplished through plans such as:

  • Executive bonus – Pays the life insurance premiums for key employees giving them the security and support they need
  • Split dollar – Allows select workers to enjoy the benefits of life insurance on a cost-shared basis
  • Deferred compensation – Permits your employees to delay paying taxes on part of their income until a more financially advantageous time

But, proper business planning also reduces risk exposure so your business won’t be devastated by an unexpected event. Knowing your business is protected allows you to focus on other matters, such as making it as profitable and efficient as possible. Two sound ways to minimize your loss exposure and permit your company to function without interruption are through:

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